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Why You Need A Marketing Plan

November 9, 2017


Everything Starts with a Plan




Do you have a business plan?  Having a current business plan sounds basic, but more businesses than we’d like to acknowledge, don’t.  Without an up-to-date business plan you’re trying to walk through the jungle without a map (or some other analogy that shows it’s just a really bad idea).


If you’ve got your business plan handy, then we’re off to a good start.  From this plan we can make the marketing plan.  Start with your goals, and work out, to the number of hits to the contact page or leads you need per week, coming from your digital marketing to get the profit goals you’ve set.  Also, you’re business plan must dictate how much you’re going to spend on marketing.  Without marketing goals and a budget, again…well that’s just dangerous and it won’t allow you to measure the results.


Just to give you an idea of the kind of elite club you’d be in if you measured your marketing:

Digital Marketing Plan Stats, SLiM DIGITAL

Sensis Report 2016


There are only 19% of business with a digital marketing plan and only

17% of SMEs are

Measuring ROI on their Marketing Efforts

Once you’ve got your business plan, and your marketing goals and budgets, then you need the creative and integrated marketing.  All marketing tasks needs to fit together to achieve the marketing goals of the business.  According to Professor of Marketing, Mark Ritson:


“We don’t need digital marketers working within one silo; we need marketers who see the benefits of all potential media and the power of integrating them.”


This is why we are so committed to a marketing strategy prior to starting on the management of any marketing, including social media.  We believe to our core that:

“Integrating your marketing is the only way you will see true and meaningful success.”


Remember that, of SMEs, there are only

17% that

Plan, Spend, Measure, and Adjust.


And if you are worried about the spending part, ponder on this little pearl of wisdom from one of the fathers of advertising:


“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.”

– Thomas Jefferson


But always test and adjust your advertising.


And in the immortal words of John “Hannibal” Smith

“ I Love it When a Plan Comes Together”


If you are looking for a marketing plan drop us an email; fully integrated marketing is what we are all about – hi@slimdigital.com.au

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