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Morton Real Estate – Digital Marketing Plan

March 14, 2017


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Working with Ewan and the team at Morton, we developed a digital marketing plan for the business.  The most important part of any marketing plan is ensuring it is the outcome of the business plan. A great marketing plan is the nexus of a number of factors:

  • business goals,
  • resources,
  • marketing goals,
  • persona,
  • vision,
  • competitive advantage
  • target market, and
  • competitors.

On top of this we ensured the integration of all their marketing efforts; the Digital Marketing was not only consistent in its feel from the Offline, but that it supported and reinforced the same message and goals.

We followed up the 12 month digital marketing plan with training on the use of the document to ensure the staff were able to implement the marketing plan.  Because a pretty marketing strategy might make the planning documents look good, but it’s useless there.  Like so many things in business:

“The best marketing plan is the one you use.”

For more on marketing plans check out our blog here.

For more info on what Morton are up to, check out their social media here:

Morton Facebook    Morton LinkedIn

If you want a marketing plan so your business can have a strong message in the community, please email us today.


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