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End of the Road for Twitter?

July 6, 2017


Goodbye Twitter.  It Was Fun While It Lasted!


Saying Goodbye is always hard…as a digital ad agency you’d expect us to be on all the digital channels.  And we normally would be, but…if it’s not working, don’t waste your money on it, because we wont waste ours on it.  If people aren’t listening on a channel, don’t be there (as a business).  It’s pretty basic marketing and applies not just to Twitter and the other digital marketing channels, but to every form of marketing.  We’ve said goodbye to Twitter not just for us but for all our clients, and of course for any new ones that come on. And here’s why:

Since its creation in 2006, Twitter has enjoyed catastrophic growth as an online news and social networking platform. Just ten years later, however, many are questioning the future of Twitter in the rapidly evolving digital paradigm.

People have lost interest in Twitter

“Eleven years after it was founded, it has now lost more than $3.3 billion and its shares have plunged well below the price set when Twitter first went public in 2013”. AFR 

So Who Still Uses Twitter?

Celebrities, their fans, Journalists and Politicians (one in particular) are the main users on Twitter.  It’s been the case for a few years now, but slowly the general populace has stopped using it. Social Media News 

Twitter has picked up on this and on the 1st of May 2017, Twitter rolled out 16 video streaming partnerships.  This shows  that Twitter is morphing into a news-oriented, streaming platform and shifting away from its original service as a social media platform.   In fact Twitter could end up looking like a media company, according to Davey Alba of Wired.com. Wired

When we started noticing the downward trend in our Twitter account and then that of our clients we went into research mode. We analysed the past 12 months to see if it was an aberration, tested new tactics and tried different process and times. No matter what we changed the result was the same; We were getting better engagement and numbers on other platforms, and Twitter in Australia was getting hammered, especially for businesses.

As a digital agency, SLiMDIGITAL is at the forefront of all things marketing, and especially when it comes to trends in social media, and we strongly believe that Twitter is not a platform that will show future benefits for our clients.

Because there are limits to our clients’ budget we know we can reap better rewards elsewhere, we have shifted our marketing efforts away from Twitter. It was a decision that was not taken lightly.  It was an epic debate – particularly as we have invested hours of time and effort to build and grow our account and the accounts of our clients.  But for now, we are saying bon voyage to Twitter.

So if you are looking for us on social media, our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts are our primary focus.

If you’re still drinking the Twitter Kool-Aid, we’d love to hear your thoughts and what’s been working for you, so please get in touch.

But if your marketing agency is still running a Twitter account on your behalf, then you need to ask them some pretty tough questions, starting with why.


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