The Slim Digital Story: Find Out What Makes Us Tick | Slim Digital


We will do an analysis of your organisation and develop a digital strategy that includes a responsive web site, an app for mobile devices, and a strategic social media marketing plan.

Your organisation should dominate your industry. We can help make that happen.


Our development process begins with an analysis of the goals and strengths of your organisation. We won’t build an app that is fancier or more clever than what your organisation needs.

Our testing process begins as soon as we have established the requirements for your app. Our testing programme is part of our development process, not an underutilised adjunct to it.

Cost of an App

Apps can be expensive, costing between $5000 and $100,000, so we will make you two promises.

1. We will not deliver anything less than the best.

2. We will not deliver anything more than what you need.


Be Brilliant. We believe in being the best at what we do. Nothing less is acceptable.

Flexible, Agile and Mobile. From the setup of our offices, to the mobile apps we deliver, everything we do is designed to be flexible, agile, and mobile. The world changes too quickly for anything else.

Impact India. We have a deep affection for India and the Indian people. We pledge to support them through employment and the establishment of other ventures.

Impact your local world. We believe being good at what you do isn’t enough. We strive to do good by being a part of local community groups and Foundations. We also want to assist and support other entrepreneurs with their ideas and start-ups.


Virtual Office. We believe people work best where they are comfortable and wasting someone’s time is anathema to us, so our office is a virtual one. We work in four different time zones, three states, and two countries because we care more about finding the right person than we do about finding someone within driving distance.

Collaborative Workspace. Our workspace is designed to eliminate inefficiencies. There is no commuting time, no petrol costs, no noisy office. Instead there is a group of colleagues who like and respect each other’s contributions. We work to achieve our client’s goals in the most efficient manner possible.

Work Life Balance. At SLiM DIGITAL we believe that producing the highest quality work on a deadline is compatible with living a rich and fulfilling life with the people who matter the most.

Meetups. We believe in experimentation and innovation, so we relish being a part of the startup community. We organise Meetups and are taking part in the development of a trial collaborative workspace in Darwin.

We won’t Speak Tech. We think like you do. We consider ourselves ‘normals’ and speak the language of business and strategy. We can translate what you want and turn it into the digital product that you need.